It's Just Me

So many people stressed about the lack of Darvey.


Guys. Prayer Circle.

Keep the faith,
It’s a comin’…

Take me back to the start: Sometimes, I analyze things


Donna and Harvey ten years ago…

They are both young, life is less complicated, and Harvey obviously likes his secretary. “You’re into me.” It is not clear whether Donna feels the same but she indirectly gives him an ultimatum. “I don’t get involved with men that I work with.”

So then Harvey…

Rachel Zane and the Stanford Problem


Okay, so, we all knew the finale was going to be a mash up of good things and bad things. We weren’t sure how much of each we were going to get.

But I want to talk about Rachel at the end of the episode for a moment.

A lot of people have been condemning her decision, calking it up to her feelings to Mike and nothing else, but I was hoping we could look at it another way.

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